Today, you can get a mortgage from anywhere. Browse rates, fill out applications, get pre-approved, upload documents, chat with experts—it all happens online. Gone are the days of endless trips to the bank, filling out reams of paperwork, and patiently waiting to hear back on the status of your application. Online lenders, such as Better Mortgage, have completely changed what it means to buy or refinance a home.

If you prioritize speed, convenience, or are looking to avoid costly fees, a digital approach might suit your needs. Having said that, not all digital lenders offer the same benefits. At Better Mortgage, we designed the online mortgage experience to be simpler, faster, and more accessible for everyone.

Online mortgage lenders vs. traditional lenders

The biggest advantage that an online lender can offer over a traditional lender is convenience. Rather than scheduling an appointment and driving to an office, an online lender can walk you through the mortgage process from the comfort of your couch. Instead of running around to collect, print, and organize a file folder of financial documents, just enter your information in a secure online portal. (It’s so simple that about 35% of our borrowers complete their applications from a mobile device.) Online lenders can also provide access to helpful educational resources, while friendly mortgage experts are just a call or chat away. You don’t have to jump through hoops, you just have to click a few buttons.

Here’s what you get when you work with our team:


At Better Mortgage, people are our priority. We use technology to create a more equitable lending experience for all. Less-than-stellar credit score? First-time homebuyer? We connect you with customized resources and tools to navigate the lending process and find mortgage options that fit your needs. We believe this kind of transparency and hands-on access is fundamental to empowering homebuyers.

Anywhere, anytime convenience

If you go with a traditional lender, you’ll likely have to make appointments to visit them in person at a time that may (or may not) be convenient for you. As an online lender, you can start your application at 2 o’clock in the morning if you’re so inclined and you can always contact us 24/7. You can also do it from practically anywhere. If you need to leave your application, you can pick up right where you left off at a time that works for you.

An always-on support team

Part of the appeal of choosing a traditional lender is getting the in-person customer service that comes with it. However, that also means working with a traditional lender’s schedule—and dealing with all the time it takes for them to respond. We’ve built Better Mortgage to provide that same kind of friendly support, but with a new kind of efficiency. We’re available 7 days a week between 9 am–9 pm ET, and you can text, call, or email us. Our team will keep you moving in the right direction.


Say goodbye to the waiting game. Get pre-approved and we’ll give you a loan estimate in seconds. Our online dashboard offers constant hands-on access to your loan information so you can check your application status, make changes to your pre-approval, and chat with experts whenever you want. We also give customers the ability to make modifications to their pre-approval letter and adjust loan terms to suit their needs. And the moment you decide to lock your interest rate, you can do it any time right from your account. All this happens in real-time,whenever it’s best for you, which makes the homebuying experience more nimble and efficient.

Pre-approval on your online loan in as little as 3 minutes

If you’re fighting off other homebuyers on the open house circuit, the fastest way to get your offer taken seriously is with a pre-approval letter. And oftentimes the fastest way to get a pre-approval letter is with an online lender. At Better Mortgage, it takes as little as 3 minutes to get pre-approved—and we only require a soft credit check. That means you can get that all-important, fully customizable pre-approval letter without affecting your score.

Faster closing times

There’s a lot of buildup that goes into a mortgage application, and once you send it off to the underwriter, the countdown begins to your closing date. Here’s where Better Mortgage can really help out. We close 10 days faster than the industry average—thanks in part to the way we’ve automated many of the processes that used to require human intervention. Our closing time averages 32 days compared to the 42-day industry standard.


Getting a mortgage shouldn’t come with nasty surprises at the closing table. We show you all the mortgage rates you qualify for, the pros and cons of each, and our loan consultants are ready to help you decide the rate/loan term that’s best for you. Unlike traditional lenders, we avoid unnecessary fees (like origination fees and commission) so when you receive your loan estimate there won’t be any lender fees hidden in finance jargon. You receive a transparent breakdown of all the costs associated with your loan so you have a clear estimate of how much you’ll owe and why. When you have access to straightforward, immediate information about your financial options, you’re empowered to make decisions that fit your needs.

Instant Loan Estimates

When we entered the mortgage industry, we brought instant Loan Estimates with us. These are the standard, 3-page documents that cover all the important details of your mortgage. Lenders are required to provide you with a Loan Estimate within 3 business days of your application. However, many will drag their feet to do it. We’re confident with what you’ll see in our Loan Estimate, so we offer it up as soon as you’re pre-approved. Beyond that, we keep you up-to-date every step of the way so you always have an accurate understanding of your loan status, any outstanding to-dos, and what’s coming next. Many traditional lenders won’t have the bandwidth or incentive to provide this level of concierge service.


We can offer more competitive loan rates than other lenders because we’ve streamlined our process and cut out the middlemen. Passing these savings on to our customers helps us make homeownership more feasible for more people.

Zero lender fees

Here’s something uncommon for both traditional lenders and online lenders: we don’t charge lender fees. That means no application, origination, rate-lock, processing, or underwriting fees. The way we see it, lender fees are just another way for lenders to drive up their profit margins—which doesn’t seem fair from a customer’s point of view. Instead, we’ve built technology to streamline the entire mortgage process from start to finish. This makes it less expensive for us to make the loan, so we can pass on the dollar and time savings on to you—savings to the tune of $8,200* on average for new homebuyers over the life of the loan, and even more for refinance customers.

Zero commissions

Many traditional lenders supplement loan officer wages with commission-based payment structures. This means their loan officers are effectively incentivized to upsell you on stuff you don’t need (because a higher loan amount means a higher bonus in their paycheck). We think loan officers should focus on finding the right mortgage for your needs—which is why all our loan officers are salaried employees who don’t earn commissions.


As an online lender, it seems obvious to us that you should have everything you need at your fingertips. That’s why we’re part of the Better family which includes all the companies you need to get a home. Better Real Estate can match you with a trusted real estate agent who’s an expert on the area you’re looking to buy. Better Settlement Services has the inside track on title and settlement services to make it easier for you to close on schedule. Better Cover can provide you with homeowners insurance quotes in seconds, and when you find the right policy, they’ll help you finalize it. We all work together to make your entire homebuying or refinancing experience seamless.

$2,000 off your closing costs**

No matter where you’re looking to live, Better Real Estate can help you find and buy the right home. And just like our loan officers, Better Real Estate agents are salaried employees that don’t earn commissions. That means they’ll help you make the right offer, not the biggest one. As an added bonus, you can get $2,000 off your closing costs when you work with one of our Better Real Estate agents and finance your home with Better Mortgage.**

Dive in with a digital mortgage

Digital lenders appeal to a new generation of homeowners. At Better Mortgage, we’re proud to be helping people save time and money with our competitive online mortgages. Everyone deserves a fair shot at homeownership, which is why we’re working to make the process simple, streamlined, and ultra accessible from start to finish.

If you think an online lender is the right fit and you’re ready to start the process, get pre-approved right now, no strings attached. The process takes as little as 3 minutes and doesn’t require a hard credit check.